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    Translation done
    Just right before Christmas there's a small present for the folks who don't speak german, but english. I translated some important parts of my website and put them together to a complete site in english. If you want to read some pages in german, I'll try to cover up every part with a link to and back from the german parts.
    The Knitting Olympics blog even does exist in this two languages.

    Time again....
    Something small and special - a treasure, two people will work on. One after the other. That's "spin me a treasure". The first one spins a yarn, the second one will do some craft. Something wonderful thus can be developed. That's why I participate in this yarn excange.
    But sorry - it's on the run. No further participation possible. But you can get more information at Flore and see first impressions of some of the treasures. At the meantime a gallery was build up. Be careful - these yarns are highly addictive!! Here is mine, including the whole history of it's development.

    Turin was nice.The Knitting Olympics 2006
    The Knitting Olympics had been a wonderful event and it was a lot of fun. If someone ever will participate in something else (in 2008 the Summer Olympics are held in Bejing, China), here's my diary. You can read about ups and downs, strategy knitting and one abandoned project. I'm sure I'll get at least one UFO done this winter, even without the Olympic Games. Surely not in 2 weeks, but perhaps in 4?

    A lot of you love my tutorial for sockknitting. There's a link to the german pages and you can find a wonderful tutorial for knitted kneesocks in english.

    My husband and I love tea! I don't like coffee (that's my aunts fault who gave me a whole bean when I was four and I took it for chocolate), my husband takes advantage of having a coffee at work. So we made up a list (sorry, it's still in german) of all the teas we love. I'm sorry for all folk abroad: they're small shops in small villages, they have no internet shops and one of them doesn't exist any more.

    We love to change into medieval times. The reason is a handicraft that was forgotten in Germany, until in 1901 a small book was printed to the art of tablet weaving. That goes well with spinning. But it wasn't enough. So up to now we have lots of books about the medieval times and even more novels depicting this time. I plan to re-integrate my reviews about these books into my homepage, but they are written in german and so are my reviews. If you want to read the books you should be able to read the reviews. :o)
    But have a look at our work of tablet weaving and our loom.

    Here's what you might want to know about me.

    All new things and changes to this website are collected at the HP-History.
    Here you can find the complete content content (again in german).
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